Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Burning in Ice

I added a new image to my Etsy store last night. It is called "Burning in Ice"  The print looks really nice on Lustre Paper, but I will be placing an order soon to see how it turns out on Metallic Kodak Paper. I have some more ice photos that I am working on and I am hoping that the silvery sheen of that metallic paper is going to set them off nicely. Until then, does anybody know what sort of berries these are? I have googled and picked up books and I cannot figure it out. The red berries seem to have exploded out of a yellow shell. When I found them on my morning walk all encased in ice it seemed like they were literally "frozen"  right at the moment of explosion.  

Today I am Thankful for:
Leftover spaghetti sandwiches on buttered toast.  


Deb Coe said...

I think those might be bittersweet. Why don't you google that and see if there are photos that can help you identify them?

I love your photos - will have to get some!!!! :)

We seriously need to get together - I didn't make it the past few weeks as things got crazy hectic with school issues (the saga continues, but I think we're looking at some long-needed personnel changes) and my not feeling well. I'm free Fridays!!!!

Aunt Deb

Jennifer Aitchison said...

Thank you Aunt Debbie!
That is exactly what it is, and now I remember that being very popular in retail decorating stores a couple years ago. They are gorgeous berries, and now I can tag my product correctly. :)

I am usually free on Fridays. :) Your visits are always welcomed and enjoyed. :)
Love You!