Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Rain

Spring is here! I have been so excited wanting to run outside and take a photograph of every single flower and leaf that unfurls, unfolds or pops open.  I love the rain, but with a toddler and camera in tow I have to dodge the raindrops, and there has been a lot of rain.  So sitting here playing around with a few images that I have gotten over the past week.... Here is an ode to rain. :) 

At the base of a grand tree are lovely Spring Beauty flowers and May Apples (I prefer to think of them as fairy and gnome umbrellas) 

This is the first fern I have seen this year in the marsh. I am so excited to go find more very soon. 

A flowering tree in the Indiana Dunes State Park. These little buds are just starting to open and appear to be waiting for the rain to stop.  I need to look this up to be sure of what it is, maybe someone could give a suggestion. :)


Julie Magers Soulen said...

I love that first photo Jen. It reminds me of my childhood playing in an Ohio woods. Beautiful.

Jennifer Cameron said...

That fern stem is INCREDIBLE!

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

Your photos are gorgeous. Love the fern!

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Just came by for a friendly hello and a thank you. I love reading your wonderful comments. My, you certainly have gotten some lovely spring photos-- despite having to dodge raindrops! Lovely, Jen, just beautiful. Sorry to hear of your loss as well. Hope spring brings many more beautiful happy days, and spares you any more sad ones.

Deb Coe said...

Love the spring photos, Jen. And the touching tribute to your grandparents Louise and Leonard. And the lemon photos which remind me of Grandma Margaret! One of these days, when things are looking better financially, I'll def. want to buy some of your photos for wall art. I'd love a few interspersed with my family pictures in the "family" room!!!!

I am in the home stretch on the prelim exams - will be done writing them on the 18th - then will spend a couple of days with Val and Ellie, then oral defense on the 26th, then my time is mine to divide between writing work and art work as I please over the summer! Yay!!!!! Could we schedule some tentative days to work together?????