Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miss Match Diptych - Week 1 - Domestic

Week 1 Domestic, originally uploaded by Jennifer Aitchison.


Fine art Photography work by:
Mandy, Bryant

Jennifer Aitchison

I am member of the fPOE (female photographer of Etsy) group. We recently started a diptych project where we pair up with a team member and create a piece of artwork based on a descriptive word.
This is the first week of our project. I was lucky enough to be assigned the very talented Mandy Bryant. The members of our group reside all over the world, but my partner just happens to be an Indiana girl, like myself. I am so happy with our result :) Check out the Miss Match Website to see more pieces from week one.

From the Miss Match Diptych Project

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myan/zuppaartista said...

i so love the kitty!
you guys made such a perfect diptych, these 2 are fab together! :)