Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Painting Tiger Lily .... or, bubbles bubbles bubbles

Our friends have opened a super awesome children's store. My husband and I (with some help from our son as a hand model) did some painting and design work for them. Here are some snapshots from Tiger Lily Kids. It is located right next to their other store Tiger Lily. Both stores have several articles of cool clothes designed by local artists, as well as lots of merchandise.

Nap time on the job. I guess it is hard to work to be a hand model. I am sure he didn't mind coming to work with us though, this may be the only time in his childhood that Benjamin is allowed to have free range of a children's store after hours. :)


Northwest Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Group said...
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Northwest Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Group said...

I didn't know you and Colby had blogspot sites. It seems like you've both been productive as of late. I love the bubbles, it almost makes me want to shop there.


Matt, Christy, Tatum, Jackson, & Hunter said...

You guys are so talented! I love the bubbles! Miss you!