Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have been posting Photographs and other handmade things on an awesome website called Etsy. There are so many people from around the world creating beautiful things and selling them on this site. It is pretty cool, check it out. I added an etsy mini to my blog as a link. 

Benjamin and I have spent our fall and early winter playing outside in the woods and taking photographs. This week with the temperatures reaching into the single digits, we have not gotten out as much. This weekend it is suposed to reach the nice warm toasty 30's, we will venture out then I am sure. :)

I will attach a photo from the last ice storm we had. Everything around us has been candy coated in ice. It is beautiful to me, but of course that is because I have not had to drive anywhere this week. 
Hope everyones holidays are warm, healthy, and happy!


Deb Coe said...

Thanks for posting the photo of the beautiful ice - I didn't get out and take any pics of it - it was too cold for me! I also didn't know about Etsy, so thanks for posting about that.

are you up for an art day soon? I go back to school on January 5!!!!!

love you!!!!

Deb Coe said...

Ooohhhh....now I've had a chance to visit Etsy, too! Beautiful stuff, Jen! I love the photos especially.

I have been making some things of my own - will share with you when I can get over there!

Hope to see you soon!